How We Work

Product Storage & Distribution

The distribution centres that Poupart Imports use specialise in chilled distribution and cold storage,dealing specifically with the delivery of fresh produce to the non-supermarket sector throughout the UK.

The distribution sites we use offer an unlimited capacity of cold storage and deliver nationwide including Ireland, they also offer a number of benefits:

  1. Focused at wholesale market & food service industry
  2. Extensive industry knowledge
  3. Unique location near to main ports and larger conurbations
  4. Recent investment in facilities
  5. Comprehensive chilled warehousing and distribution network
  6. On site Quality Assurance staff

Technical Expertise

Poupart Imports is dedicated to providing full supplier traceability for all our produce, withSigned supplier declarations which conform entirely within FPC guidelines.

We have attained the highest levels of food safety and responsibility levels and our dedicated Poupart Imports technical team ensures that our produce meets all due diligence requirements.

Poupart Premium

Poupart Premium was launched in 2016 as a way to market the highest quality produce from selected suppliers in our own unique packaging.

We began supplying English apples in the brand in 2016, and since then have expanded the brand to include English cherries, Italian aubergines and South African grapes.